Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Broad Spectrum sun block please

With temperatures in the 90's this past weekend, we decided that it would be a good idea to get Brendan a little pool to play around in to save me the hassle of finding a cute swimsuit. As much as I like the public pool with the great kid's swim area just blocks from our house, it's a lot easier stepping right out our front door.

Brendan loved the hose and was very sad when Chris didn't let him take in in the pool with him. But he soon got over it.

He splished and splashed away. He was in heaven. It was 20 times better than a bath!

I bought him these little water balls from Target in the $1 area (my favorite) and he loved them. Although, I think he liked the plastic cup from our kitchen (not pictured) better. He's so easy to please.
He loved every minute of swim time and even managed to not get sunburned- thanks to the SPF 50 we slathered him with. He seriously slept the best he's slept in a very long time. He didn't wake up until 9:00am the next morning! Yahoo! It's very sad that 9:00am in sleeping in for us but we'll take it!


  1. Cute pics in the pool. It looks like he had a blast! I'm glad you're having so much fun being a stay at home mommy!

  2. Our lives are so much alike right now it's hilarious. The temper tantrums (although Maddy is too "genteel" aka scared to throw herself down on the floor yet, but I KNOW it's coming), and we were also planning on getting her a baby pool for her birthday. Too bad we don't live closer, I think these two are separated twins. :)

  3. Isaac and Brendan need to go swimming together in Brendan's pool! And what do you mean about wanting to save yourself the hassle of shopping for a cute swimsuit for Brendan? My concerns regarding that comment: 1) Brendan is wearing a cute swimsuit in his pictures and 2) you're a shopping queen--don't you LIKE excuses to shop? Tell me what I'm missing!? Just so you know, the Children's Place has some really cute suits if you're interested. Isaac's is red and blue if you want Brendan and Isaac to be twinners. Love you! When are we going to play next? I'm coming down next weekend for a wedding...

  4. I myself don't want to find a swimsuit, it is so depressing!! Where did you get his pool? Poor Andrew has this thing I got at petsmart for dogs to take a bath in. When he sits in it, he has to crunch his legs because he is too big!

  5. Becky- that is too funny! We got his pool at Walmart for around $8. We couldn't pass up such a good deal!