Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the cat’s away…

I had an awesome evening out last night with some friends and when I came home, Chris told me he had a surprise on the camera for me. And this is what I saw-


This is not the first time that this has happened so I should have known what to expect! But let me tell you, I was laughing so hard, I was crying.


Alex’s face cracks me up still. He looks so evil and ridiculous, it’s hilarious. And perfect. I think I may have to frame these.


Oh man, these boys kill me.  I just love them- mustaches and all! And because I can’t resist:


You’re welcome.

My little vampire


I just love those two little vampire teeth poking through! His top front teeth are now starting to push through his gums so I knew this look won’t be around for much longer and I’m glad I got a picture to capture it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is what happens when Brendan picks his own outfit


An awesome mixture of one of my headbands and his shirt inside out AND backwards. And of course, no pants. It took a lot of bribing to convince him to change into something a little more acceptable so we could go out and run our errands and he was NOT happy about it. I had a good laugh though.

I love this little boy. Every night it seems, Chris and I talk and laugh about all the funny, quirky and adorable things that he does and/or says. He’s definitely our little joker.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I need some suggestions

Alright, I KNOW I've got a ton of friends and family who read my blog and run/work out so I need your help. I've recently started running again and I need some new tunes for my runs. I pretty much hate running but I'm determined to stick this out and I figured that my music will help distract me from how much I hate it. So give me your favorite songs that help you while running and/or working out. I desperately need some help here!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The #1 dad

IMG_8409 My boys on Father’s Day

I have the best husband in the world and he’s an amazing father to our little guys. So to thank him this Father’s Day, I planned the most awesome gift ever.

IMG_8404 I found a website that sells dozens of different types of root beer and other flavored sodas not easily found. Chris is a big root beer and soda fan and so I put together this drink sampler for him. 7 different root beers and 5 flavored sodas.

IMG_8406I tried to order things that were unique (like a blueberry soda) and brands that we had never tried before but I HAD to throw in an Apple Beer. Oh man, that makes me miss Utah so much.

And it was a hit! But I was pretty sure it would be. Chris is a tad bit hard to buy for and I always agonize over what to get him, so this was a stroke of genius for me. Now I just have to think of something else for his birthday that’s coming up in less than a month!

Lions, Tigers and Panda Bears!


We finally made it to the National Zoo for the first time last week, and can you believe that this was Brendan’s first visit to a zoo- ever?! The weather was so beautiful and with low humidity, so I wanted to take advantage of it and head up to DC. The zoo was a perfect choice and Brendan was so excited. It was all he could talk about for 24 hours before we went. And of course, it didn’t hurt that Josh was going to be there too.


Once we got there, Brendan wasn’t as impressed as I thought he would be but he still enjoyed getting to see all the different animals. The only animal he was super psyched to see was the elephants.


He kept wanting the elephants to go in the water and he was a little disappointed that they didn’t follow his instructions.

We saw lots of other animals, although this is about as good as it got at the Panda habitat.

IMG_8375 The panda was hiding and I only saw a brief glimpse of its butt as it walked behind some trees. Oh well, this picture works for me.

IMG_8385 And this is how the afternoon ended. Brendan so worn down that he was in tears and Alex napping away in the stroller. Good times.

Best part was that when we got home, both my boys took long naps. Heaven!

All in all, this was a great trip and makes me love DC even more. This area has so many family-friendly activities and exciting things to do- we need to get out there more often and I’m hoping this summer we have the chance to explore the city more. I’m planning on making up for such a lackluster summer last year- hurray for not being pregnant in the summertime!

A summer classic


Eating popsicles outside on a beautiful, warm summer evening.

IMG_8440 Showing off our colored teeth courtesy of our delicious popsicles. I just love Summer and so far, this one has been fantastic. Here’s to enjoying many, many more moments like this!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alex’s first taste

This reminds me so much of this post when Brendan got his first taste of whipped cream. I think Alex is a fan too.

IMG_8302 It amazed me that he knew exactly what to do. His little mouth popped right open when he saw that can coming.


This was NOT my idea by the way- but I couldn’t let the moment go by without picking up my camera.




He licked his tray clean so I guess that means that we’ll have another little boy obsessed with whipped cream.

He still loves stickers

A couple of weeks ago, Brendan received a card from his Grandma and Grandpa with a package of stickers inside. And of course, this is what Brendan immediately did with them-


Stickers are always more fun when stuck to your chest and stomach, right?


Thank you, Robin and Dan- Brendan loved his stickers! And now he can’t wait to come visit you in Colorado this summer!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Look who got a hair cut!


It’s about time! Although, I kinda miss the longer hair…

9 Months

The little one is officially nine months old.

IMG_8340 Alex is my sweetheart, my easy-going baby, my Goober. I just love him.

Some things about Alex at his 9 month mark:

  • He loves baths now
  • He is only in the 9th percentile for his weight and 7th for height
  • He just recently cut his top lateral incisors, making him look like a vampire
  • He has barely started to wear 6-12 month clothing and still fits in the majority of his 3-6 month stuff
  • He is so close to crawling but still can’t figure out how to move forward
  • He loves food
  • He’s a mama’s boy (hurray!)
  • He recently farted so loud that he scared himself and started crying
  • He just learned how to clap and it’s the cutest thing EVER
  • His eyes look more hazel than blue a lot of the time


I know I say this a lot, but it’s true- time goes by way too fast!