Saturday, June 25, 2011

I need some suggestions

Alright, I KNOW I've got a ton of friends and family who read my blog and run/work out so I need your help. I've recently started running again and I need some new tunes for my runs. I pretty much hate running but I'm determined to stick this out and I figured that my music will help distract me from how much I hate it. So give me your favorite songs that help you while running and/or working out. I desperately need some help here!


  1. Try Mika's first album. Life in Cartoon Motion.

  2. Okay, I know I haven't physically "ran" since 2002 but when I need to get ready for a big hike I listen to the ultimate song: the Banff Mountain Film Festival theme song. I wrote the guy who composed in Banff and bought a CD of it from him. If interested I can send you a file of it. When I listen to it I feel like an extreme outdoors-woman, like I could at any moment scale the most treacherous mountain. Give it a listen:

  3. I actually swim to some of the songs from Mika's album. I run to Mumford and Sons, The Rocky Soundtrack, Blink 182, techno even (if you can stomach that), etc.