Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wishful thinking

I’m going to pretend that the high temperature today isn’t 45 degrees and instead I’m going to remember a day when it was above 70 and we got to play at the park with some friends.














Brendan is quite the expert climber now. He used to be too scared to go over the climbing wall by himself and now he wants to do it to show off.



More climbing. It was so nice to be able to go out and get some of Brendan’s energy out. We came home in time to put Alex down for his afternoon nap and Brendan rested on the couch next to me while we watched Cars. It was nice to have a quite afternoon together.

IMG_7775And then later, he was back to being his crazy self. I love his outfit choice- pj bottoms that are too big and falling off his tiny butt, one of Alex’s bibs turned around so it’s a cape, and his shower cap for his scalp medicine. Totally Brendan.

 IMG_7703And we can’t forget Alex. Here he is rocking a pair of the awesome socks Ian and Erin sent us. I love them and am glad his feet have finally grown so they fit him!

IMG_7776We recently all caught another nasty cold and unfortunately Alex got it the worst out of all of us. I took this picture after a late night visit to urgent care because his fever was so high and I couldn’t get it to come down. The doctor also ordered a chest x-ray and I had never seen one done on a baby before so I was quite surprised. The x-ray technician sat Alex in what looked like a bicycle seat inside of a toilet seat and then closed him in a clear plastic tube with his little arms sticking straight up and a whole cut out of it for his face to stick out. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen but of course Alex screamed through the whole thing. Poor baby. Turns out it was worth it though because he had a mild case of pneumonia. When we got home he was so exhausted he didn’t even wake up when Chris took him out of the car seat.


Thanks to antibiotics, he’s back to his normal self (except for the diarrhea that it causes) and sleeping much better at night.

Thank goodness!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 months? No, it can’t be true!


How did my Goober get to be so big? I feel like the past six months have just flown by. This boy gets cuter and cuter every. single. day.


He’s entered the realm of eating real food and while he enjoys most of the baby food we’ve tried so far, he seems to have a dislike for bananas. Really? Doesn’t that seem strange? To each his own.


Alex doesn’t quite fit in his high chair but he’ll grow into it. It gets the job done at least.


He’s got the sideways lean down.


The other day he refused to eat for a solid 5 minutes because he just wanted to suck his thumb. Alex loves his thumb and he’s sucked it raw because he doesn’t just suck but he gnaws on it constantly.


And he always sucks his thumb with his fingers open and palm up. Funny boy.

Some things about Alex:

  • He does NOT enjoy bath time
  • He is finally napping for more than 30 minutes (this has been a huge struggle for us the past couple of weeks)
  • He loves to make noise by banging toys, spoons or whatever he can get his hands on
  • Everything is starting to make its way to his mouth
  • He gives smiles freely but he’s stingy with his giggles
  • Dad gets the biggest smiles from him
  • He wakes up way too early because he poops EVERY MORNING (gah!)
  • He’s finally starting to fit his 3-6 month clothing
  • He has figured out how to scoot around on his back
  • He loves to jump
  • He has way more hair than Brendan did at this age
  • He is still such an easy-going baby and I just love him to pieces!!

My heart is full these days.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Waiting for Spring


It feels like we’ve been cooped up in our house for way too long this winter and I’m anxiously awaiting warmer weather and sunshine. I’m hoping Spring will also mean less colds and viruses; we’ve been sick WAY too much this winter which is another reason we’ve been home-bound a lot this winter. But at least we have things like “Angry Birds” on the iPad to keep us entertained. Me and Brendan spend a lot of time together playing this.


Brendan’s also gotten to play with his best buddy Josh but not as much as he’d like. They were so cute the other week painting and chatting while they worked. I love those two boys together.



I figured I should post a few pictures of random things, like a couple of when my parents were here taking care of me and my kids while I was healing from surgery.


And here’s a shot of me when I was jaundice. Cute, huh? I happened to take this the day before I went into surgery.

And now a couple of my Goober.



This little boy LOVES his bottle.


That’s all for now. My camera is loaded with more pictures that I need to upload and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some time in to get that done and then I will post some more. There are changes coming soon that I think (and hope and pray) will mean I’ll have a little more time on my hands to get things that I want/need to get done. We shall see. Keep your fingers crossed for me!