Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I’m in a Good Mood and Feeling Extra Blessed

I am quite content today and that’s a great feeling.

I had a wonderful dinner party with some extra-wonderful women. It was a very nice night out and I made a delicious Spinach Artichoke dip that was divine.

When I got home, this is the adorable face that I saw.

IMG_4709 Chris drew a hilarious Hitler mustache on my sweet, innocent boy. Oh my.

IMG_4714 That’s not blood on his lip- just jelly.

We’ve had issues with these markers before. They DO NOT wash off. So now my son is going to have to attend pre-school tomorrow with a faded out Hitler mustache.

2896171589_2257a43238Chris brought me home a bag of my favorite candy- Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses. I have already eaten half the bag. I think I am the last person alive who loves these candies, although I don’t know why more people don’t like them.  Oh well- More for me! I can’t believe that the Halloween candy has hit stores already though. Last night as I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute items, I saw the workers shelving all the Halloween goodies. Geez. Yesterday it was still summer and now we’re prepping for Halloween! Good thing I’ve got an idea brewing for Brendan’s costume already.



This movie makes me so happy and I CANNOT WAIT for it to be October 16th. If you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet, go here.

Reading the First Presidency’s message in this month’s Ensign also made me very happy. It was also a good reminder that Brendan is going to learn from my example so I better set the right kind of example.


I finished this book last night and LOVED it. This is definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve read this year so far, along with the first in the series, The Hunger Games. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Now I am sitting peacefully on my couch next to my husband with a quiet two and a half year old sleeping soundly in his crib. That is a great feeling.

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  1. Gross, Val. I just read your cricket entry, and I knew the crickets you were describing before you showed the picture. I HATE those crickets with a burning passion. We had them in Virginia and called them 'Mormon crickets." They were given that name because these crickets, like Mormons, were an unwanted nuisance. Charming. Anyway, I empathize and am so grossed out.