Monday, September 28, 2009

Because Moving Twice in the Last Year Just Wasn't Enough

Some of our faithful blog readers might remember that time where I posted and said that I got a job in North Carolina working for a sales company with crummy benefits. Of course I was just joking, but ironically it's kind of come true, sort of. We aren't moving to North Carolina, but we are moving to the D.C. area. Fortunately it's not a sales job with crummy benefits. The company I'll be working for is called LMI (Logistics Management Institute) and it is a non-profit government consulting agency. I'll be developing surveys, running statistical analysis, and writing and presenting briefings to different government agencies. Sounds exciting, huh? Fortunately I like the line of work and the company has great benefits and an even better work environment.

So this means that there is going to be an apartment available in Berlin, NH. If you like Walmart, Moose, and lots of snow, then call me and we can get an application started right away. We'll even throw in access to the garden that produced one red tomato and numerous slugs.

In case you were wondering, yes, the photos above were taken from the balcony of our high rise luxury condo in downton D.C. Okay, the truth is we don't actually have a place to live yet. The office building I'll be working in has an on-site gym, with lockers and showers, so we might stay there for awhile, at least until we can find a proper place to settle down. It also has a library which will keep Valerie and Brendan occupied while I work.

Although we've only been here in New Hampshire for nine months, we've managed to accumulate lots of junk and other items that we no longer need. We are scheduled to be in Virginia by Oct. 19th, which means that if anyone wants to rummage through our stuff before we leave, please stop by and take a look. Just as a preview we have a few broken Transformer Happy Meal toys, oversized white tube socks, and five or six half empty cereal boxes. It's going to be a total liquidation, everything must go event; you do not want to miss this.

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering if this post is a joke, it's not. I realize I'm kind of like the boy who cried wolf, but this is actually true. I can provide references if more proof is required.

We are excited and would like to personally invite all our family and friends to move to the D.C. area to join in on our new adventure. If you can't relocate at this time, at the very least plan on flying out and visiting us for at least a few days. We can introduce you to President Obama, Hilary Clinton, the entire Washington Redskins teams, and many of our other new friends.

In conclusion, we are moving, anyone can apply to rent our Berlin apartment, we are having a rummage sale, we really are moving, and everyone should move out to the D.C. area as soon as possible.

The End


  1. Hey, I know this is random, but if you guys need a place to stay while scoping out houses, you could always stay with my parents in Maryland. :) They have a huge house and love having visitors. Good luck on your search, and I'm so excited for you. It's pretty much the best place ever.

  2. What a mean joke, Chris, really. For a second there, I actually thought you were bringing Val to live in North Carolina, and I almost started dancing. Well, DC is pretty close, though, and we go up there pretty often. But mark my words, you're making your way closer and closer to the south by the year!

  3. Wahoo! I am SOOO excited. I've never been to D.C.!

    Great job. Well done. Your new company will love you.

    I really really like the recent pictures Valerie has posted--fall isn't quite the same in the desert.

    And I like how a large portion of your pictures have just show the bottom half of Chris--like the nanny on Muppet Babies.

  4. I'm so jealous, I'm in! Maybe if you stay around long enough for my husband to finish school we can arrange the moving to DC to join you.

  5. I'm so, so jealous. My brother Troy just moved to Northern Virginia, as did my brother-in-law and his wife, and my high school reunion is in mid-October in Northern Virginia. I want to play with you and let Brendan and Isaac be best friends the way they want to be.

  6. Congrats on your new adventure! Moving twice in one year is not top on my list, but I think moving to DC sounds so fantastic. Good luck getting things together in the next few weeks!

  7. It was 9 months ago that I was actually contemplating dropping out of school and moving to D.C. but the spirit told me to stay in school, dang it. But if you guys were there 9 mos ago you may have swayed my decision. Good luck and enjoy the city!! Valerie, you need to look up Meta Menning! She works (last I talked to her) for a non-profit in D.C. I lost track of her a year ago.