Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey There Good Lookin’


Fall weather is upon us and it’s quite chilly in the mornings when we head off to Brendan’s pre-school, so he’s finally getting a chance to wear his awesome denim jacket that my parents got him. Doesn’t he look good?



We’ve done lots of coloring so far today and I’m foreseeing us doing lots more over the next 36 hours. Chris is going out of town so I’ll be all by myself trying to entertain him. Which is going to be hard because I know Brendan is going to miss his dad- especially at night. He’s such a daddy’s boy. But at least this is a short trip and Chris will come home late tomorrow night. I know both Brendan and I will be thrilled when he gets back!


  1. You really must share with me how you get the rounded corners.

    And where is Chris off to?

  2. Oh, and didn't I already write about cool weather and coloring?