Thursday, September 10, 2009

How We Pass the Time

We are spending as much time as possible outside while the days are still warm and inviting. So far September has had the best weather all year. The days are mild and sunny; the nights cool and calm. It’s been perfect. We’ve even begun to see the leaves slowly changing color in a few spots!IMG_4736 When we were outside today, I tried to get Brendan to sit nicely for me so I could take a few photos of him, but he wasn’t in the mood for cooperating. So instead I just took a lot of photos of him doing what he does on a normal day out in our yard.

IMG_4743 Here he is in the wilderness that is the back half of our garden. I was too lazy to clear out this part in the spring so we just let it grow wild.

IMG_4739 It turns out that it didn’t matter that we never cleared out that part of the garden since nothing but our beans and one small tomato plant grew. I had such high hopes for my garden- oh well. We may get to eat a few tomatoes, if they ever ripen. They are still green and I’m praying that they hurry up and get ripe already before it’s too late. I want to make salsa!

IMG_4753 Playing with rocks and sticks are a big part of his life and it’s a good thing we’ve got so many of them. I don’t think the young man who cuts our grass appreciates Brendan’s rock and stick throwing skills. He has to do a sweep of the yard before he can cut the grass to remove all of Brendan’s little gifts.

IMG_4754 Here he is picking up another rock but this one came with a Daddy Long Legs spider which proceeded to crawl up his hand. Brendan freaked out for a second and I don’t blame him. Ick.

The rest of the time is spent running up and down the hill over and over and over. Sometimes he even does a lap around the house.

IMG_4763 He wore himself out and needed a few quiet moments laying in the driveway.

Now he is peacefully taking a nap in his crib. I’ve been thinking about getting him a real bed and I like the idea of it but not the actual process of getting him to learn to sleep in it and stay in it. Brendan doesn’t like change and resists it as much as possible.  Anyone have any good tips?


  1. I can't wait to plant a garden (and then never weed it because I'm lazy). As for tips, well I would just say give it a try. I was deathly afraid of doing it with Maddy and she never got out of bed for the first couple of months! (She did starting this past week, but we only had to put her back a few times and she's back to staying put). So I just realized that I kinda freaked out unnecessarily, as usual. :) So I would see how he does, and if doesn't do great, then put him back in the crib. Right now I'm in the process of potty training and I'm learning that I have to go with the flow on that one too. Soooo fun. :)

  2. My best advice is "when its time it will work". We held off on putting Evan in a big boy bed for a while too. When we finally made the transition, he was ready and it was pretty smooth. We made it fun by redecorating his room in fish, sharks, boats etc which are some of his favorite things which made it exciting for him. Then, since Evan is a tad bit stubborn and not always a good listener we put one of those protective knob covers so he couldn't get out and escape in the middle of the night without me knowing. I figured it was safer to "lock" him in then to let him have free rein of the house and possibly street while I am sleeping. He soon figured he couldn't get out so he didnt really try. Good luck! Transitions are scary-if only I knew how to potty train Evan :)

  3. Okay, I have to admit, I'm usually not a big fan of blog posts that have multiple pictures of children, but I love it when you post pictures of Brendan. This kid is hilarious, and super cute. (Not my most masculine phrasing, but oh well.) Keep posting!

  4. Our garden was a dud for the most part too. We had the most success with our peas. But otherwise, we've had 3 zucchini from our three zucchini plants, a bunch of green tomatoes, and herbs that flowered or died. And our few tomatoes that have ripened didn't taste as good as the farmer's market kind. Oh well!

    And September has had the best weather in Chicago too. Finally it's not raining every other day! I am so happy to be out and about when it's in the 70s and perfect.