Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Top of New England

IMG_4652 We finally made our way up to the top of Mount Washington, the tallest mountain in the northeast and known for it’s dangerously erratic weather. When we left our place, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in sight but once we got to the top, there were plenty of clouds to ruin the views. But it was still pretty amazing.

IMG_4645The drive up was a little nerve-racking. The road looks like it shouldn’t be able to fit two cars but somehow does and the drop-offs were seriously frightening- with no guardrails. It was a long 20 minute drive.

IMG_4649It was a balmy 45 degrees at the top and I wasn’t ready for temperatures that cold even though we had brought jackets. The worst part was the wind- it was crazy and I was a little afraid of being blown over a few times. Seriously.

IMG_4666 Brendan did NOT like the cold or the wind. He was ready to be back in the car watching Toy Story on our dvd player.

IMG_4660 But it was worth it all. We can now cross off Mt Washington on our list of “things to do while living out east”.


  1. Even the pictures make it look cold. Whoo!

  2. Those pictures are amazing. Not just the ones of the mountains, but the ones in your "weekend of photos" post and the ones about the nudist. I love looking at your pictures.

    By the way, how do you get them to have rounded corners?

    And is the girl commenting above me the same really nice Faith who used to work at Maceys?

  3. I have so many comments!

    1. Beautiful photos. The Mt. Washington pictures are so neat - and I love the one of you holding Brendan! I am positive Eli would have reacted the same way to the cold and wind.

    2. The cricket mentioned in the post above would FREAK me out too. I don't think we would ever have clean laundry! You are a brave, brave woman :)

    3. And I'm glad the speech therapy is going so well! I love the pink walls in your bedroom (shown in the hilarious naked jumping pics below).

  4. Zach- it is the same Faith! You have a good memory.

    Also, I use Windows Live Writer for all our blog posts now and they have all sorts of options for pictures. I like it much better than using blogger for posts. You should check it out if interested.