Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is what happens while I'm at work

I think the pictures speak for themselves but in case you can't tell, Chris drew a mustache on Brendan just for laughs.

It is pretty funny though.


  1. I LOVE the second one!!! He is so cute! So when are you guys going to come visit us in Vegas?! Cadence has been asking when we're going to go to the big pool with baby Brendan again!

    I can't believe you had the courage to shop with a toddler! When we had to get Zach some suits we tried for about 20 minutes then we got a babysitter and went back. Props to you!

  2. I love senor brendan's new look. Maybe this summer he can work on growing a full beard!

  3. Brendan needs a better makeup artist.

  4. I think this might mean that he is going to marry Madeline since she also has a beard...even though it is a bubble beard, they are probably still soul mates. :) Oh and yay for being able to stay home! I bet you're so happy!