Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Instead of posting photos with this post I will paint a picture with a thousand words (total word count may be less than one thousand words). Mother's day conjures up memories of cookies on the table after school, school lunches that always had napkins with little messages written on them, and constant support and encouragement. Valerie and I both have enjoyed having great mothers and little Brendan will get to enjoy the same. Growing up I got in trouble for throwing rocks at windows and lights, flinging green pudding on the classroom curtains and ceiling, tyring to put a stick in a neighbor girl's bicycle spokes while she rode so that she would fall off, peeing on the playground, and numberless other offenses. While Valerie is oh so cute and adorable, I think her parents would agree that she was a handful too, growing up. But, even after all of the trouble we got into our mothers always loved and supported us. So, happy mother's day Moms and thanks for everything.

Now, for all of our other faithful readers out there who are not our mothers, here are two funny little stories, both involving poop. First, we recently took a trip to Arizona to attend my Grandpa Russell's funeral. When we were getting close to my Grandmother's home it was painfully obvious that Brendan had soiled himself. We were traveling in a packed Suburban with no escape from the fumes emitting from Brendan's shorts. In hindsight we should have had him wear tight pants that would have trapped the smell better. Anyway, we finally get to grandma's house and Brendan is very excited and running everywhere. For my Grandma, this was her first time getting to see Brendan in person. He was too busy for hugs because he had to run up and down the little step separating the front room from the living room. Brendan was running pretty hard and in the process a little log fell out of his shorts onto the carpet. So my Grandma's first visit with Brendan started off with him pooping on her floor. But, she says she still loves him.

Second story. Little Leila is my sister Carries little daughter. She is currently being potty trained so she gets to wear big girl underwear. However, she still hasn't perfected the going to the bathroom thing. So that night there came a point where we realized that Leila wasn't around and that no one had seen her for a little while. I remembered seeing her going into the laundry room about 10 minutes prior. Johnny B-Fro (my brother) was by the laundry room door and opened it up and poked his head in. Leila was squatting in the corner. She said to Johnny "Shh! Go away, I'm pooping." So that explained her absence and Carrie was able to enjoy a pretty big clean up session (Leila had eaten a hearty lunch and dinner prior to this occasion).

The first night at Grandma's was full of fun and adventure. I have to go now.

Contrary to my statement on photos in this post I added some photos at the bottom. Sometimes pictures are better than words. Ignore all other people in these photos that aren't mothers. Goodbye.


  1. just in case you wanted to know, I have a story about poop on our blog, only by a duck. haha

  2. Ummm, I think you may have forgotten one more poop story...