Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why do weekends go by so quickly?

This weekend my parents were here visiting and we had such a fun time with them. Brendan was so excited to have so many people here to lavish attention on him. He liked having a constant playmate (his cousin, Mary) and is usually not used to so much activity going on in our small apartment. He did get over-excited sometimes and would act out, which meant a few visits to time-out but luckily he doesn't mind it too much. But maybe that means it's not as effective as I think. Oh well. Mom and Dad, come anytime you guys want. But hopefully next time, we have a real house for you to come and stay at.

The weekend was full of playing, trying to enjoy the Conference talks over the kids' playing, eating and more playing. Chris and I even got in some house hunting. It was rainy when we went out and our Realtor got a flat tire on the way to the first house, so Chris was kind enough to get out in the rain and change her tire. It was quite the adventure but we're slowly finding some options that will work for our family. It's exciting to be moving forward. Hopefully next time, there's no flat tire involved.


  1. Eli has the same red striped polo! How fun that your parents came for a visit.

  2. Cute new blog header and colors! I hope you had fun with your parents! You will have to let me know how to house hunting is going...hopefully next time Chris doesn't have to be a good samaritan.