Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We made it!

We've been here in New Hampshire for a little over a week now and I would have checked in sooner but it wasn't until late yesterday that our internet could get hooked up. It was very difficult being without the internet for a week- I felt so out of it. But now we're up and running and it is slowly starting to feel like home, a little bit. I don't have pictures yet because the temperature has been less than inviting. Last week we had a blistery -39 degrees night. And since we've been here, we've had about 11 inches of snow. This past Sunday we only had one of the three meetings at church- they cancelled the last two due to the crazy snow that was coming down. The snow plow piles here are HUGE too. But we're getting used to it little by little.

So all I have to share right now are a few pictures of our drive out here. We were lucky enough to be able to stop and see both of our families on our way. The first stop was in Colorado and we actually arrived on Brendan's birthday so we had to have a little birthday celebration for him.

I can't believe he's actually 2. It's so strange to say that I have a two year old- how fast time flies. He loved his candle on the cake and blew it out all by himself.

And of course he loved opening his presents! He had a fun time digging into them and then playing with them. It was a nice distraction for him after a couple days of pure craziness. The night before he learned that he could climb out of his pack-n-play and we learned that Brendan moves A LOT in his sleep. It was a long night for all of us and he didn't sleep well in the truck (but who would? It was so loud I had to shout to talk to Chris) so the festivities cheered him up and kept him busy.

We loved being able to spend time with Chris' parents but we had to keep moving and a couple days later arrived at my parents' house. Brendan had another birthday celebration and some whipped cream as a special treat.

The great thing about my parents' house were the kitties. Brendan had so much fun chasing them and petting them. He had endless fun with Sam, who put up with a lot from Brendan. Brendan liked to pull his tail or his leg to get Sam to meow or hiss at him. He thought it was hilarious.

Maybe someday he'll be able to have a kitty of his own but I won't hold my breath.

And this was our gift to our little man. It was a little late but he loves it. Luckily our kitchen here is big enough that he can ride around in it and get some good use out of it until the snow melts (which people here tell us won't be until late April!).

I promise to take some more photos soon and post them. It is so beautiful here and I'm excited to get my camera out. It's supposed to warm up to 21 degrees this weekend so if the weather cooperates, I'll have something to show soon!


  1. Yay! A post! I've been wondering how the trip across went! Happy Birthday Brendan and happy moving to you guys! Hope the snow melts soon!

  2. FINALLY!!!! I have been going crazy wondering if you made it! I have been checking your blog 3-4 times a day in hopes of a post. I am not exaggerating either. I am sure I could have emailed you- but that would have made way too much sense :D

    Can't wait for details on the new place, the new town, the new ward and the new job!

  3. Oh my gosh! Brendan looks so big in these pictures! He is still rocking his awesome shirt by the way! Let me know when the weather gets a little warmer so I can come see you! It has been so freaking cold here too! We get freezing fog here everyday...who knew!? Talk to you soon and I can't wait for more pictures!

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  5. That was me it published my comment twice!

  6. The fact that your son loves my blog because of the cat video confirms to me that he is your son! Freak out,Meow. Awesome.

    I am sad you moved but I guess it doesn't matter if you are in Utah or the East Coast because, up here in Canada, I am far from everywhere.

    I hope you are doing well. Tell your boy that I am addicted to your blog because of the video of him clapping at the garage opening and closing. I showed it to all the people in my office.

    I miss you, val!

  7. Brendan is a true 1/4 Argentinian. Yummy mate!!!