Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A post about nothing

I don't have too much to blog about but I thought I better post some pictures before I incur the wrath of the grandparents.

Life here has been pretty normal. We're busy but enjoying the warmer weather. It's been rainy a lot so we still haven't gotten many chances to enjoy the area around us yet.

So instead we find lots of fun activities to do inside. Like chalk. Brendan loves it and it was only $1 at Walmart.

This is the first thing he wanted to do this morning. Forget eating or getting changed, it was all about the chalk.

He still loves the sink with a passion and we have to battle some fierce tantrums when he can't play in it. It's pretty cute though.

Still loving Yo Gabba Gabba. There was a new episode this past week staring Jack Black and it was Awesome! Brendan wore his Brobee shirt in honor of it.

And stickers. Stickers provide endless entertainment for Brendan and also gives me a way to get him to talk a bit more. He is doing a lot better with talking more frequently and trying new words. I'm really grateful for that and hoping that he'll start talking freely and on his own. Right now it's mostly only when we ask him to say a word. But the stickers help. He likes to point to things and name what they are. And he LOVES alphabet stickers and we go through the whole alphabet as he arranges them on a page. It's been a great learning opportunity.

Hopefully next time we'll have some more exciting things to write about but until then, stay crunchy (that's for you, Chris).

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