Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not An Every Day Occurrence

This past Friday, Chris’s work had their Christmas party. The invitation that he got a few weeks ago said it was Cocktail attire which meant that I had to go shopping for a new dress. I didn’t realize that it would be so hard to find a modest, affordable dress that isn’t made for a 13 year old who wants to look like she’s 18. After several trips to different stores, I finally found something that I loved and felt comfortable in. The best part? It cost me under $40. Thank you, Gap Outlet.

IMG_5512 We don’t get dressed up very often so I had to take a picture of us. I love that Brendan is sitting so nicely on the couch in this picture- he looks so quiet and calm, two words that do not describe him very often. I love my boy.

IMG_5513 And I love my dress. And my curly hair. We enjoyed having an evening out without Brendan and I loved getting all dressed up. Chris enjoyed all the food and the wide selection of desserts and even more, he enjoyed that it was buffet style so he could go back at get as much as he liked. The party itself was quite fancy (there were quite a few gentlemen in tuxedos!) and it was held at the Ritz Carlton. I now want to live there. It was gorgeous

By the time we got home, my feet were very sore and we were exhausted so maybe I should be glad that we don’t do this sort of thing more often. It was fun for one night though.


  1. The dress is so pretty! I love the color on you especially! I also love your new header. Fancy dates are fun every now again I agree.

  2. I love that color on you! And I am sure you chose that dress to match Chris' tie, right :)

  3. I LOVE your dress! You looked beautiful. And I agree that it is so incredibly hard finding one like that. We haven't had fancy work parties since Ben switched to his current company (start-ups like his seem to be very minimal - their holiday party next week is at a Mexican restaurant, without spouses invited - it's fine w/ me but I think it's a little strange!).

    But when we did go to one at his last place, my feet were DYING by the end. I'm glad stay at home moms aren't expected to wear heels on a regular basis :)

    I'd love to live at the Ritz too. Especially if there was a buffet all the time...