Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too much snow


Earlier this week, we had a snowfall of just a couple inches but this weekend it’s blizzard-like conditions out so we are snowed in.



Brendan’s been enjoying the snow and now that we have a couple of feet for him to play in, I’m sure that he’ll be out there as soon as possible once the storm dies down. The snow started yesterday afternoon and it’s supposed to continue snowing all day today so we are stuck in the house all weekend. Chris’s work told their employees to work from home Friday and Monday so at least he’s home with us- Brendan has been loving all the time he’s been getting to spend with his favorite buddy. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out and enjoy some of the snow tomorrow but for now I’m trying to find activities to keep us busy and entertained. Our first winter in Virginia has definitely been surprising! I wasn’t expecting all this snow!

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  1. I love that boy. And the tantrums. You're a patient woman. Way to ride out those tantrums. I've adopted a "Nobody wants to be around someone who is fussing. So you can either fuss in your room or you can calm down and try to be happy" approach. I heard my sister-in-law do it and thought it was brilliant. Fun as it is to hang out with someone who's throwing a fit... Oh, and I wish my son would have two bowls of anything even remotely substantive.