Monday, July 5, 2010

Some things that I forgot to post back in June


There’s no real reason for this post other than I realized I had some pictures I wanted to post that I had completely forgotten about- so here they are with minimal words.

IMG_6458 Enjoying water activities in our “yard” with his buddy.





These were all taken at Chris’ work party. Brendan loved the mini golf!



Brendan going down a waterslide

They had a giant waterslide for the kids to enjoy and Brendan gave it a go. He almost chickened out when he got to the top but luckily there was a little girl behind him to tell him to go down, and so he did. I think it scared him more than anything and he decided that once was enough.



Back in the end of May, Chris’ grandma also got baptized and he’s neglected to do a post so I thought I’d at least include a photo from the few that he took. We’re so thrilled that Pumpkin made the decision to be baptized and Chris has promised that he’ll devote a post to that weekend very soon.

Summer is going by fast luckily and I’m already at 29 weeks! Here’s to hoping that the weather cools down some (yeah right).


  1. Your kid is poppin a cap in my kids head. That's it...Brendan and Josh are no longer allowed to hang out. I don't condone that kind of violence.

  2. Dear Chris,

    Next time I am in Washington D.C. and someone mentions the Botannical Garden, do me a favor and inform me that you have woodsy miniature golf. Then I won't have to waste my time at a pretentious indoor garden.