Monday, February 28, 2011


I am slowly feeling more like myself these days and the recovery is going good so I decided to post some pictures that I took a couple days ago of Alex in the jumperoo. This jumper has been a lifesaver, providing endless hours of fun for Alex while I would lay on the couch unable to do much else.



It’s been a while since I’ve posted pics of my littlest boy and wow, he has really changed. I apologize for denying you the cuteness of my baby.

IMG_7683Oh, those dimples make me so happy.

IMG_7681I caught him smiling up at Chris- he seriously loves to stare at him. It’s adorable.

IMG_7682And the tongue is ALWAYS out these days. Again, adorable.

IMG_7672This is not the best picture in the world and yet I love it. This is a classic Alex expression. He always looks surprised and it never fails to make me laugh.

IMG_7669 Brendan had to get in on the action too. He just loves his baby brother and Alex adores him too. These boys are the sweetest and I’m so lucky to be their mom!


  1. Alex looks so much like you Valarie! He is so cute. (As is Brendan.) They're lucky boys to be your kids.

  2. Darling pictures!! I love those expressions. Hooray for feeling better too.

  3. You are lucky to be their mom! And wow, Alex is so handsome. I am amazed that your two boys look so different--I feel like I always produce "Bowen" babies--I probably won't ever get one who looks like my family. And I swoon over dimples on little kids too--so cute. Keep getting better, Val!

  4. I love LOVE dimples!! So glad you are feeling better!

  5. Yay for feeling better and being able to share pictures! So cute. Its fun to see how similar Alex's facial expressions are to Austins-- the wide-eye surprise and tongue out are very common down here as well. What cute kiddos!