Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back in action!

I finally ordered a new battery and battery charger set for my camera and they arrived in the mail yesterday, which means I can take pictures again and start blogging a bit more (hopefully). I busted out the camera last night and it felt so good.

We headed out to McDonald's last night for a quick treat of ice cream cones and Alex was in heaven. This boy LOVES his sweets and treats. He even ended up stealing the last bit of my cone and taking off with it, the little thief.

Dirty, as always. I can't keep this kid clean. It's impossible.

The weather here was beautiful last night so the boys busted out the bike and Brendan was sweet enough to let Alex take a turn. We really need to get Alex a bike or something because he is so jealous when Chris and Brendan get on their bikes for a ride. His little plastic car isn't cool enough for him anymore.

I love when they play sweetly together, which honestly doesn't happen enough in my opinion. There's a lot of screaming (on Alex's part) and yelling (on Brendan's) and crying (both of them). But I know they love each other and in time, things will get better. Right????
Brothers, they're the best.

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