Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's all happening at the zoo

We recently checked out the Hogle Zoo, once just the three of us and another time with my freshman year roomie and her family. The boys really loved the zoo despite the fact that Alex was a little freaked out by some of the animals.

 Alex and Brendan liked the monkey's a lot but their big gorilla was a little too much for Alex. He was fine until the gorilla started to move and then the tears came. Poor boy.

 Brendan was more interested in climbing on the animal statues and rocks around the zoo than the actual animals a lot of the time. Typical.

 The seals and the polar bear were my favorite. So cool.

 Brendan was upset because he thought he would get to swim with the polar bear.

Brendan has a new BFF- my friend's little brother Isaac. Seriously, Brendan was a little smitten with him and it was so totally cute. The twins were such a big help with our kids too. I wish I could take them everywhere with me!

By far, the biggest hit with the boys was the train ride (Alex is obsessed with trains right now) and the carousel.

 It was hard trying to get a picture of Alex on the carousel because he was so interested in it. He wouldn't look at me and the one time he did, it was so quick he's a little blurry.

 Brendan loved it too but not as much as Alex. Alex screamed (of course) once it was time to get off and I may have had to drag him away from it a little bit. But an overpriced icee helped to distract them so we could move on.

The zoo also has a cool playground for the kids and they both had a blast running around and being crazy before we headed home.

A big thanks to Lindsay for letting us tag along and hopefully we can go back again soon. It was fun for the kids and awesome for me to get to spend some time with a friend that I hadn't seen for a couple of years.

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