Friday, February 13, 2009

Showing some love

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I thought I'd make some heart shaped cookies from a recipe that I have been wanting to try for a while. Brendan was quite the eager little helper and made sure that everything was tasting as it should. He even tasted the plain flour before it was added to the wet ingredients but he didn't mind. He kept saying "Mmmmmm" and tried over and over to eat more flour.

Brendan is surprisingly still and quiet while helping me in the kitchen. He will wait patiently for his turn with the mixer (he loves to hold it and stir everything together) and he'll watch me without a peep from him.

He was a good helper and he got to eat his reward for being such a darling little boy.

I hope he liked the finished product more than the plain flour. He ate the whole cookie so I'll take that as a good sign.

Lots of love here in the Near home with fun surprises set for tomorrow and lots of yummy treats to be eaten! Here's why my heart is full this Valentine's Day-

1. Having a little boy who loves to take his pants off. All the time.
2. Hearing the sweetest "Hi Mama" when I talk to Brendan on the phone.
3. Dancing with my little man to my favorite song of the moment. And when I play it in the car, he starts dancing in his car seat.
4. Watching Brendan talk more and more. He's made vast improvements in the last couple months and I couldn't be more proud of him. I'm hoping to avoid the speech therapist.
5. Watching Brendan hide in a corner to take a poop. He needs his privacy and doesn't like it when I laugh at him, but I can't help it.
6. Seeing Brendan run to his dad when he comes home from work.
7. Getting back rubs from Chris.
8. The fact that I have a husband who will give me a back rub almost every night. He's very kind to me.
9. Laughing every day because Chris is hilarious. Despite not wanting to laugh, I usually can't help myself. Sometimes his jokes are so lame they're funny.
9. Knowing I have the most wonderful husband and son. I love you two to the moon and back!

Happy Love Day!

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  1. Number nine has always rung true for me. I miss him.