Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beautiful Day

I love weekends.

IMG_4416 We heard about Jericho Lake from some of the locals and decided to check it out yesterday evening. I was shocked at how beautiful and how clean the area was, so we decided to come back today and we spend the first part of the afternoon swimming and enjoying the sun.

IMG_4423IMG_4422Of course there was some rock throwing to begin our adventures. I keep wondering when this love will diminish but it’s still going strong. He stopped every two feet to pick up another rock, sometimes backtracking to find just the right rock to throw. Brendan is very particular about which rocks he selects.

IMG_4438 He even managed to find rocks while swimming. There were some really fun big rocks in the water that he loved chucking around.

IMG_4446 Here he is showing off his eyebrow knowledge. That’s a new word for him and he loves saying it.

I’m a little bummed by my pictures. I couldn’t tell on my camera display in the bright sun that the pictures were too dark so most of them are unusable. I guess that just means we’ll have to head back soon!


IMG_4471 Poor Brendan needs to work on his tan still, although he doesn’t really seem to tan. I think it’s that Polish and Irish blood of his but at least he doesn’t burn. I just love his white belly.

Brendan wore himself out and is now sleeping beautifully. We had a fun time together and can’t wait to go again. Hopefully next time I’ll have better pictures to show!

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