Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How we began our day


This was the first thing that Brendan did this morning- crawl under his crib to play with his trains and track. And I really do mean the very fist thing. As soon as I took him out and set him down he was under his crib in about 2 seconds.

IMG_5243Usually Brendan can’t wait for breakfast so this was a strange turn of events. I couldn’t get him to come out from there even with a bribe of pancakes (his favorite breakfast food, which he calls just “cakes”).

IMG_5234 That just shows you how much Brendan loves playing with his Thomas trains. He’s getting better at saying “Thomas” and now it sounds more like “Tommy”, which I think is pretty cute.

IMG_5247 He spent about half an hour this morning playing under his crib and it was a nice quiet start to the day. I just wish our day had continued to be so quiet and mellow. Instead we had a fun day of running errands all over town and Brendan had a meltdown at Target and the library (twice). Of course. At least now we are enjoying some freshly baked pumpkin bread and some quiet time watching an episode of, you guessed it, Thomas the Tank Engine.

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