Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What we made

Last night for FHE, we made bird feeders out of a milk jug and soda bottle. IMG_5133 They’re not the prettiest things ever but it was a good activity for Brendan and he enjoyed every minute of it.

IMG_5123 He was a great little helper and poured in the seeds for both feeders all by himself (mostly). He made a small mess by spilling some of the seeds but when does he not make a mess? That’s normal for our house.

IMG_5135 He’s my artist-in-training, my mini Picasso. And now his works of art are hanging in our backyard from a tree and they are patiently waiting for the birds. We checked off and on all day but never saw a bird near them. We’re hoping that the birds figure it out soon and we’re really hoping to attract some cardinals but even if no birds come and use it, it was fun making them together as a family.


  1. I love your bird feeders!! Such a great idea. I may have to copy you sometime soon - we've had a million birds on our front lawn for the last few mornings... I think they're stuffing themselves before they head south for the winter.