Monday, March 22, 2010

One Lucky Boy

This past week on St. Patrick’s day, Brendan got to have his favorite buddy Josh come over for a few hours.

IMG_6113 These two are so stinkin’ cute together- they give hugs to each other, hold hands when they walk to nursery together, and in general are super excited when they see each other. Brendan absolutely loves Josh and asks for him on a daily basis, so he was beyond excited when he came over to play.

IMG_6115 I decided to take them to the park since the weather was perfect and it’s nice to let the boys get some energy out. They played so well together.




Enjoying a quick snack together.

IMG_6139 Here’s Brendan yelling for Josh to come and follow him.

IMG_6144 After the park and a quick lunch of chicken nuggets, the boys needed a break so Yo Gabba Gabba was called in to help them relax.  That was the quietest 25 minutes I had all day.

And because it was St. Patrick’s Day, we had to make green cupcakes and decorate them.



Notice the difference of sprinkle amounts on their cupcakes. Brendan went overboard (like I knew he would) while Josh kept it to a normal amount. And once again, Brendan wouldn’t eat the sprinkles. Sigh. At least they had fun.



Brendan cried and cried when Josh went home but he was so worn out from all the excitement that he went to bed earlier than normal without a fight. It was awesome. I think Josh can come over every day if it means Brendan goes to be early!


  1. You are a saint for watching two exuberant little boys and I think you handled them perfectly:).

  2. HAHA! I love it! Thanks again for watching him! Anytime you want him again, just let me know! ;) And one more exclamation point !

  3. Oh...and Josh asks to go to Brendan's house all the time. They have a connection somewhere, perhaps it is the love of Yo Gabba Gabba?