Friday, March 26, 2010

This is a little late…

IMG_6086 We visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with some friends back on President’s Day so I’m a little behind posting about this but better late than never, right?

IMG_6073 We took the Metro into DC, which was our first time riding it, and Brendan had a blast while I tried to keep my nausea under control. Morning sickness and trains aren’t the best mix, but at least we didn’t have to battle the traffic in the city. It was worth it- plus Brendan loved it.


IMG_6079IMG_6083  The museum was very kid-friendly so the kids had a blast running around and getting to play with lots of scientific displays, which were fun for Chris and I too. Brendan was a little young for some of it but he still appreciated being able to touch things without getting yelled at.

IMG_6075 We had a great time and we owe a big thanks to April and Andy for inviting us! Brendan especially loved being able to run around with their kids and they kept him entertained during the more “educational” sections of the museum.