Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proof that I may be the laziest mother…


Brendan has been enjoying some quality Wii time lately and the boy is seriously becoming a pro at the New Super Mario Brothers game. The Wii has really come in handy for when we need an activity and it’s too hot to play outside.

IMG_6663I have to be careful though because Brendan would play all day long if I let him- but I don’t. It’s just nice to have some down time so I can rest and relax a little.

IMG_6665Watching random videos about marble races, Thomas trains or Nintendo games on YouTube is also another favorite activity. 

IMG_6666He loves it.

But don’t worry, we’ve been up to other more stimulating activities as well. These are just the only pictures I have to show for the past few weeks. :)

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