Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Brendan plays Skee Ball and Proof that we do more than sit at home and play the Wii


This past week, we enjoyed a trip to the Prince William County Fair and it was pretty awesome.

IMG_6713 We got to hang out with the Anderssons so Brendan was stoked to be with his best buddy, Josh. They were holding hands all evening and it was so cute. Brendan loved the fair but it was even better since he got to share the night with Josh.




The rides were pretty awesome too although the only one I got to enjoy was the ferris wheel, but it was still fun.



Brendan got to go down a giant slide again and he loved it as much as he did last year.

IMG_6745 Chris also took him on a spinning ride and Brendan just ended up laying down on Chris’s lap for the whole thing. But he got off smiling and loving it so it was worth it.

IMG_6756 Needless to say, Brendan cried when it was time to go home but soon stopped when we got some fried dough, which is what I was really looking forward to. It was as good as I hoped. The night was exactly what I needed- some quality time with my family and good friends, delicious treats and getting to watch my little boy have the time of his life.

IMG_6765 Seeing a turtle in our yard was also a highlight for Brendan this week. This little guy moved faster that I thought he would- I thought turtles were supposed to be slow? He was definitely not- he quickly ran away once Chris put him down.

IMG_6766This is as close as Brendan would get to him, which is funny since he got to pet a python at a library sponsored program and he wasn’t afraid of that at all. I guess a turtle’s head is a little more intimidating than the tail of a giant snake.

IMG_6770 We also spent some time at the Washington National Cathedral since I still hadn’t seen it. It was pretty amazing and much bigger than I thought.

IMG_6780 The inside of the church is just as impressive- very ornate and very beautiful.

IMG_6803After being super good while we walked around inside, Brendan enjoyed running and jumping around the grounds.

IMG_6793And here’s a shot of my giant belly. Today someone asked me when I was due and if there was just one baby. It totally made me feel awesome. And sadly, she is not the first to ask me that question. Oh well, only FOUR more weeks to go. Can you believe it? I can’t!


  1. Awesome pictures Val! Looks like you guys have been busy and I have to laugh every time I read about someone commenting to a pregnant lady about having multiple babies in there. How do people not know that is the worst question to ask ever?? I think you're looking great, and I really can't believe it's only four weeks away. Craazy!

  2. You look super great. And of course you can look big--it's because you are so small, don't forget that, where else can the baby go but out? Whatever they say doesn't matter because you still are a super mom looking just fine :) And you can trust me, I know what I'm talking about...I'm a park ranger!

  3. Love your blog design and thought this post was so fun. Enjoy these last few weeks before the baby arrives!! I'm sorry about the annoying questions. I had people ask me if I was prego w/ twins too - with both pregnancies. But hey - we are SHORT and there really is nowhere for a nearly full term baby to go but stick out, right?? I think you look awesome!

  4. I am proud of you for posting pictures of your pregnant self and for going out and having a good time with family and friends. That turtle made me feel homesick. I can smell where you live from here...