Saturday, September 4, 2010

He Still Surprises Me

This picture is a bit old but I couldn't resist putting it up here. I happened to be looking through old photos of my little beloved and just about died at the cuteness of my child. How has he grown up so much?????

And this morning, we had yet another reminder of how grown up he is. Brendan made it through the whole night in his underwear without having a single accident. No more pull-ups for this little boy! And it was all Brendan, too. He decided last night as we were getting ready for bed that he did NOT want to wear pull-ups anymore- just his undies. So I figured "why not?" and we let him wear his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba underwear to bed, fully prepared to have a very soggy child in the morning. Boy, were we wrong. He was still dry at 11pm when we checked on him and this morning he was dry as a bone. My boy is awesome.

Now I'm cursing myself for buying the econo-size box of pull-ups from Costco last week of which he's used probably less than 10. Anyone need 70 pull-ups?

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  1. Not for a very long while. I was scarred by potty-training Isaac. I miss you. Come play with me at my house in five minutes. I'll be here.