Saturday, September 25, 2010

A bit of a rough start but things are looking up

My first week on my own with two kids was off to a rocky start. Brendan picked up a nasty virus somewhere and proceeded to spend 5 days vomiting and battling horrible diarrhea. Being puked on multiple times a day was really not what I imagined our first week alone to be like, but we got through it... somehow.

My sick boy was back in pull-ups since he couldn't control his bowel movements. I felt so bad for him! Unfortunately, Brendan passed on his virus to me but luckily mine only lasted about 24 hours. Chris was able to work from home a couple of days to help me out, which was a huge help both physically and emotionally. It's probably no surprise that I was a bit of wreck worrying over Brendan not being able to keep even water down, worrying over the possibility of Alex getting sick, and being stressed out to the max. I'm extremely grateful that I have such an amazing husband and I'm also extremely grateful for prayer. There was a lot of praying going on and I know that we heard and were blessed and strengthened. I couldn't have gotten through those few days without that extra comfort and strength.

Luckily, we are all now back to normal and are all healthy.

Alex was a little jaundice as well, which I found out runs higher in the second child if the first was jaundice- and Brendan was very jaundice and spent a few days on a bilibed for light therapy. Luckily, Alex's levels were never high enough to warrant light therapy and his "tan" has almost completely faded at this point. And don't you love how he's sucking on his fingers? I sure do. Alex loves to suck on his hands and fingers when he can get them by his mouth long enough to get a hold of them. He melts my heart.

Now it's time for some cute photos that don't need much commentary from me.
 Brendan took advantage of Alex's changing pad being free and decided to lounge on it... naked, of course.

Brendan also loves my nursing pillow and constantly wants to use it. He gets mad sometimes when I need to use it and he can't.

One tired dad and one sweet baby. I love my boys!

I'm looking forward to this next week going much more smoothly than this past week- wish me luck!


  1. You poor thing, what a crummy beginning. On the bright side, at least you've now experienced "the worst" and you survived so it should all be good from now on!

    Alex is so stinking cute!!! Good job!

    Also, Cadence used to love my boppy when Jack was a babis. Zach's mom had an airplane pillow that's basically just a small boppy that she loaned to Cadence and it was a life saver. She was able to nurse all her babies while I nursed mine. Seriously, they're $10, it's totally worth it.

  2. He is sooo handsome! He looks great for being so brand new! Glad you guys are feeling better over at your house!

  3. He is so precious. No really, he is! When I saw the picture of him already sucking his fingers I said "aww!" out loud. lol. That is a rough start, how come that sort of thing always happens when you least need it to happen?? I'm glad you guys are better now, but yeesh you all need a vacation after that! I hope the baby pictures (when you have time of course) are plentiful. He is adorable.

  4. He is such a beautiful baby!!! Love those pictures - the one of Brendan on the changing pad is hilarious. I'm so sorry you had such a rough first week. I hope things are a little easier now that you're feeling better. It's horrible being sleep deprived with a newborn, taking care of an older child, and not feeling well yourself!! You're tough!

  5. Such a cute baby!! And of course, I love the alligator shirt. :) I am so sorry you had such a rough week, that does not sound ideal at all. Glad you made it through, and hopefully this one will be much better!

  6. Hang in there Valerie!!! You have two very cute little boys. Loved the naked pic on the changing table...that's so something Parker would do. On Sunday Parker took of his shoes, socks, pants and underwear and took off running down the hall in the middle of nursery!!! Ahhh!! Little boys and their nakedness!! Get some sleep!