Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

I was hoping that today would indeed prove to be "labor" day but unfortunately, it's looking like this baby is happy to keep chillin' in the womb for a little bit longer. I'm having contractions every now and then but nothing major to get me really excited, and on last Friday my doctor informed me that I'm dilated to a 1 but that really didn't mean much since I was stuck at a 1 with Brendan for a couple of weeks. But at least my body is getting ready and I know the next couple of weeks will just fly by... right?

The weather has been surprisingly awesome the last few days, so we've been taking advantage of it. We took Brendan to the park for the first time in quite a while (sad but true) and he loved it.

We got to do all the things he loves: swing, run around chasing each other, get super dirty, eat a yummy treat, and throw rocks in water.

 He was even in such a good mood that he would pose in a picture with me.

And because we wanted to reward him for doing so awesome with his night-time potty training (still no accidents! Keep your fingers crossed for us), we went out and got him a surprise-

His very own marble race. He loves it and spent 3 hours straight playing with it that afternoon. Best toy we've ever purchased for him.


  1. That marble toy looks exactly like the sort of thing Maddy would LOVE. Where did you get it? I'll have to google it. She used to make us put together that game mousetrap so she could play with the marbles etc. which was a total pain, this looks like she could actually do it herself. Genius! Hope your real labor day comes soon!

  2. Hey Val, I've been thinking about you and hope all goes well when the time does come! We did a hospital tour today and it made things seem very real and very close-- more so than I feel prepared for. Do you feel ready?

  3. That marble run is AWESOME!! Your post made me think this might be the perfect big Christmas present for Eli this year. What a great idea. I hope you go into labor soon for your sake!

  4. Val, I've been reading blogs without posting, but I just can't walk by that incredible picture of you and Brenden smiling at the park together without commenting. If I were you, I'd post that one in his room to remind him of how much you love him. Did you photo shop it, or are the colors really that perfect? You're such a good mommy. I actually said, "Ahhh" in a heart-melted way when I saw that picture. I love you and your babies and I wish we could play (as always:)).