Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Sleeping Beauty


Two nights ago, Alex fell asleep in his high chair. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I was busy putting away dishes in the dishwasher and trying to hurry before bed time, so I stuck him in his chair with a bottle to keep him happy. I looked over after a minute and this is what I saw.

IMG_7943 So of course my first reaction was to quietly yell for Chris to come and see this, and than I grabbed my camera to take pictures.

IMG_7947He barely woke up when I gently picked him up and took him upstairs for bed. Oh man, this baby kills me. Just when I think I can’t love him any more than I already do, he goes and does something like this that makes me fall for him even harder.


  1. I'm not kidding when I say my heart just squeezed seeing these pictures. babies are just the sweetest best things in the world. these pictures prove it

  2. Alex is SO CUTE!!! I always secretly wished one of my babies would fall asleep in the high chair, but no luck so far. :) Darling pictures.

  3. Oh my adorable! I love the look on babies faces when they fall asleep. I can't wait to see him...

    P.S. That other comment was from me--so just accept this one. I didn't realize someone had signed in on my gmail :-)

  4. Val, I just caught up on your blog. I'm sorry you've been going through a "cantankerous" phase, and I so understand what you've been feeling. Sickness does really stretch anyone, and prolonged sickness is really hard to deal with. It's also hard to know that you're the one with the attitude problem--I tell Doug all the time that he should run around yelling, "I've been robbed!" because he didn't get a warm, home-maker-ish, sweet wife. Sure, I can be warm, and I have salmon marinating in the fridge--therefore, I have home-maker potential:), but I'm not very sweet and I let Doug know when I think life is tough. Love you! And the pictures of your boys are so sweet. I wish our kids could play, and I hope we live by each other again some day.

  5. Chris,

    Your son, Alex, is very cute. I am not just being polite, either. I didn't have to take my time out to leave a comment. And even if I wanted to leave a comment regardless of how cute I perceived Alex to be, I could very well have left a comment without saying as much without drawing attention to myself. I admit it would have been a little difficult because every commenter before me used forms of either "sweet," "cute," or "adorable," but I could have drawn attention to something else to keep your mind off of it. By the way, one commenter definitely went a little too far—"cute" in all caps with three exclamation points following it? You can tell she isn't being sincere because of the over-emphasis. Plus, she also added a smiley face and the word darling to top it off. I wonder why the overcompensation. Did she tell you once that your baby is ugly? She should learn to be nice. And then there was the comment about someone's heart squeezing. I'm not sure what that means because "to squeeze" is pretty obviously a transitive verb, but J is using it intransitively, so she apparently either means that her heart contracted, which doesn't really mean anything because all hearts do that several times a minute—in fact, that is about all hearts do; or she means that her heart squeezed something, but neglected to mention what that something was. Maybe her heart was squeezing a baby? That would be weird. I'm opting for the first interpretation because J said she wasn't kidding about it, and it is certainly very easy to believe that her heart contracted when she saw the pictures. Plus, if her heart was squeezing a baby, I would hope she wouldn't go around bragging about it like that. Angela also made a peculiar comment. I'm not sure why she is so excited about her adorable, or what an adorable is—it must be an inside joke, else why would she lead off with it? Also, what did she mean that she can't wait to see Alex? Wasn't she looking at him when she left the comment? Did she literally mean that she couldn't wait—because she was looking at him at that instant? If so, then I can't wait to write a comment, because waiting implies that I am not doing it now—and I am doing it now, so waiting is out of the question. So, as you can see, I could very well have not said anything about how good looking your son is without drawing too much attention to myself. That's how you know I'm being sincere. I feel bad for the other commenters who didn't know their duplicity would be so transparent.

    Also, my sister, Eliza, wanted me to help you out with the difference between "infer" and "imply." The simple explanation is that a speaker implies and the listener infers. You could also say the writer implies and the reader infers. Those two statements would be parallel and would both be true. If you are inferring from what I am writing that I am more genuine in my compliments about Alex than the fake people whose comments preceded mine, then you would be right—and I have implied as much earlier in my comment.

    And even though Alex has been in the spotlight lately on your blog, I also think Brendan is very good looking (not cute anymore—he's handsome now).

    It has also apparently been too long since I've read your blog because, what‽ you have an iPad‽

    Sorry I didn't have time to write a decently sized comment.


    p.s. I just discovered the interrobang (‽) you like it? It's a cross between an exclamation point and a question mark.