Thursday, April 14, 2011

There’s Something About Teddy


Recently I gave Alex Brendan’s Teddy to play with and Alex was instantly smitten with him.

I would dangle Teddy above him and Alex would squeal and and shake his whole body in delight. Who knew that a simple bear would make him so happy?!



And of course, Teddy made it into his mouth.


Brendan was well known for sucking on Teddy’s nose (which once had a leather covering on it that is now non-existent) and Alex wasted no time trying to do the same thing.

IMG_7918He also spent a lot of time inspecting Teddy.

IMG_7919 It was so cute watching him. I just love this little boy.

IMG_7928 He was so happy and all because of Teddy. I think we need to get Alex his very own bear. And soon.

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  1. Val, he's so cute! He looks like a mixture of both you and your husband.