Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parks and Recreation

We had some gorgeous weather last week and to celebrate, we headed to the park of course! This was Alex’s favorite activity of the day.




He definitely loves the swings. Part of me can’t comprehend how he is big enough to fit in one of these swings. Wasn’t he just a tiny newborn and only 6 pounds?!

IMG_8062 Brendan got to bust out his new, cool shades too. He refused to smile for any of my pictures but I think it adds to the look. :)

IMG_8096After some quality time with the swings, Alex retreated back to the stroller and spent his time downing a bottle. Brendan used his time to run around like crazy and try to burn things using his magnifying glass with his dad (guess who taught him that one?) Now he asks to “go outside and burn things” every day. Oi vey.

IMG_8100  Ah, brotherly love. These two play together much better than I imagined. Brendan just adores Alex and constantly gives him hugs and kisses. And Alex loves to watch Brendan. He’s fascinated by him.

IMG_8106 A couple days later, we hit up another park with some friends. The sand pit was a big hit all around.

IMG_8110 This park was really cool and Brendan really loved it.



And I had to get a shot of Brendan with his BFF, Josh. Every time the doorbell rings, Brendan think it’s Josh and he goes running to answer the door. And when it’s not Josh, he is very disappointed (unless it’s the mailman and then he’s excited because that mail really excites him). So when we actually DO play with Josh, Brendan is in heaven.

I am typing this post while it’s pouring buckets outside- beautiful weather come back soon!!!!


  1. Brendan is really giving you some Blue Steel in those aviators =)

  2. Brenden ROCKS those sunglasses. And Alex is adorable on the swing :)

  3. Oh, how I love these two boys together! I love the picture you took as well.