Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little update on my Alex

I cut the Goober's hair last night and I have to admit that it breaks my heart a little every time I look at him now- he looks so much older and grown up! What did I do?! He's supposed to be my baby still and now he looks more like the 14 month old that he actually is. I can't bring myself to call him a toddler yet.

This is one of his crazy smiles that I see a lot. He's such a silly little guy and I love it. He loves to bite shoes, eat things off the floor, close himself in dark bathrooms and play with the remote to our tv. In fact, something inside of our remote now rattles because he's chucked it on the floor so many times. His goal in throwing it is to get the batteries to pop out (and he succeeds- I don't know how he figured this out) and then he chews on them. He LOVES to chew on batteries. What a weirdo!

Alex also loves to be naughty and get into everything and anything. He is becoming a seriously mischievous little boy. He still isn't walking yet but that doesn't deter him at all. I shudder to think what he'll do when he can walk and run. Maybe I should be glad he isn't walking? He'll take a few unaided steps to my outstretched arms but he does it with his eyes closed. And when you hold just one of his hands to walk with him, he walks in circles. It's pretty funny and we're enjoying this stage with all the adorable and amazing new things it brings. He says the most adorable "woof-woof", has developed a deep love for his shoes and constantly wants me to put them on him, loves peek-a-boo still, kills me with how clever he is, and gives the best open-mouth slobbery kisses hands down.

I really can't imagine our little family without him.


  1. When can I meet him, Val? I'd love to play with your little family.

  2. Wow! Those pictures look awesome. What a fun new toy!! Hope you guys are well! I get the update on you from Ann every now and then!