Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

I love this picture. Brendan was so into Halloween this year. When I told him to smile for the camera, this is the pose he gave me complete with a very scary skeleton growl.

 Alex was a pirate and of course all good pirates must have mustaches and dark eyebrows.

 This is how he felt about having his face painted. He did not share Brendan's enthusiasm.

 Brendan and his posing seriously cracked me up. This was taken just before our church's annual Trunk or Treat. Brendan had a BLAST again this year.

 Alex discovered the bean bag toss and was finally happy.

 And even though this picture is slightly blurry, it's a favorite of mine. Alex got his first lolipop and went bananas for it. The boy was blue all over from it but he wouldn't let me clean him up until he had devoured the thing. Good times.

 This is really not a great picture but for memory keeping purposes, here's a shot of Brendan's preschool class. The kids had a Halloween parade followed by a fabulous party, which they all loved (of course).

 Halloween night we headed out for trick or treating and since the night was bit chilly, we bundle the Goober up. I didn't bother putting Alex in his pirate costume again since he wasn't getting any candy so instead he was Denver Nuggets fan.

Here's one of the three of us. I got the boys glow in the dark weapons so we could keep track of them in the dark and they were a huge hit. Smartest idea I've had in a while. Every time Brendan ran off to the next house, I always knew where he was and could point him out in a pack of kids.

The night was fun, much candy was collected, and when we got home Chris dug right in after we put the boys to bed. Good times were had by all!

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  1. Brendan cracks me up...plain and simple. Impressive face paint job!