Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Alex

My baby loves to sit in small spaces like laundry baskets, a basket I use to store blankets, the box my knee-high boots came in, and this suitcase. He is constantly climbing in here so Chris finally put a pillow in the bottom to make it a bit more enjoyable for him.

He loves playing in Brendan's room (especially when Brendan isn't there) and the first thing he does is climb in his suitcase.

He'll grab a couple nearby toys and he's good to go. Every couple of minutes he'll look up to make sure I'm still there but otherwise he likes to be on his own. I love that he will quietly play by himself which means I can sit near him and read a book, check my email or do something productive like fold some laundry.

This is just one of the many funny, quirky things about Alex that I love.

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