Friday, October 7, 2011

My handsome boy just got more handsome

Last Friday, Brendan got glasses. We saw an opthamologist about two weeks ago and I sure was surprised that while doing an eye exam on my little guy we discovered that he couldn't see out of his left eye very well at all. So, glasses it was! Brendan went back and forth between being excited and being reluctant about his new glasses. He had fun picking them out and choosing his frames (with a little nudging from Mom, since he would have chosen bright blue frames- no joke) but when they finally came in and were ready to picked up, he didn't want to go.

They've taken some getting used to but now, he loves them. He got them right before General Conference so while we were watching on Saturday, he pointed to President Erying and said, "Look Mom, he has glasses like me!" Melted my heart.

We're still working on how to put them on and take them off correctly, making sure he wears them ALL the time- no taking them off until bedtime- and not letting Alex grab them. Brendan finds that particularly funny while I do not. Brendan has really taken this in stride though and has proven once again what a wonderfully sweet and good natured little boy he is. I'm so proud of him and glad that he can see correctly now!


  1. A big kiss for Dr. Brendan Near. He looks so handsome!!

  2. That last picture is classic! Did you get my email with the tree pictures? I hope I didn't mistype your email- something I am prone to do.