Monday, October 24, 2011

Pick a fat pumpkin

Brendan has been singing a song that he learned at preschool for the last couple of weeks and it constantly gets stuck in my head. So you can often hear us singing "Pick, pick, pick a fat pumpkin" over here. And it was all because of a field trip his preschool had scheduled to a local pumpkin patch. Brendan was beyond excited and when the day finally came, he was asking every ten minutes when we were leaving.

When we got there, Brendan was so excited to do all the fun activities they had. He had a good time pretending to drive a tractor.

He got his face painted too.

He chose the skull and even though the artist's skills were a bit questionable, he loved it.

A bouncy-house with a slide was the very first thing he ran to. It was a little rough in there with about 6 boys inside at once but that's the way he likes it. Wild and crazy.

Josh and Brendan loved hanging out, as always, and when they walked by this donkey Brendan said "Look, Josh! A donkey's butt!" These days, it seems all of Brendan's jokes revolve around farts, burps, poop or now, a donkey's butt. My silly boy.

They also had a nice hay pit for the kids to play around in and Brendan loved throwing hay at the other kids.

That poor boy did not like it though and left crying. Whoops. I did feel bad about that but really, what do you expect to happen in a hay pit?

He also did some pumpkin bowling, pumpkin painting, a sketchy maze, a bean bag toss and general fun that involved running with friends. It was a good time and by the end, we were both exhausted.

I love this time of year and we are getting geared up for Halloween now. I can't wait to get the kids in their costumes!

Also, I never mentioned on here that I was cutting out sugar for the month of October and I now only have 1 week left! The time has actually gone by faster than I thought it would but I can't wait to eat chocolate again!!!

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