Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't you hate socks?

 The weather here in Virginia was finally cool enough to warrant long sleeves, pants and... socks!

Alex does NOT like socks at all and can't keep them on for more than a few seconds before he's trying to rip the suckers off.

He takes after me in that regard. I hate socks too so I can't really blame him!


  1. As soon as I read this I thought "I wonder if they make garters for babies?" so did a quick google search (thinking this could be a million dollar idea) but soon regretted doing considering there weren't many baby things that showed up. So then I searched "how to keep babies socks on" and found these guys:

    Have you heard of these? Like a straitjacket for baby feet. I wonder if they really work?

  2. I love that Teagan stumbled upon naughty internet photos for your son's sake. I can't believe you're dealing with glasses for Brendan, and I'm glad he's doing well with them. Your bath water shots make me very covetous. I feel like my kids deserve amazing pictures taken of them, and my camera will never do that. I should take pictures anyway...