Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cold Play

For a preschool activity, the kids got to go to a local ice rink and play around with some "snow" and toys on the ice. This was a real treat indeed since we've had zero snow this winter. Brendan happily spent most of his time in the "snow" packing buckets full of shaved ice.

He was having so much fun until he was running around and fell, which caused a lot of tears and a new hole in the knee of his jeans. Why must every pair of his pants get holes in the jeans?!

Poor boy was so upset after his fall that we had to take a break from playing so he could get the tears out of his system and calm down.

 But after that, he was happy to get back to playing. He even played some ice soccer with his teacher, Mrs, Endy. I love Mrs. Endy. She's so great with the kids and Brendan adores her too.

After freezing ourselves out on the ice, we got to head back for some hot chocolate and cookies.

Brendan declared that he does not like hot chocolate (what?????!!!!) so I drank it instead while he ate his cookies.

And after that the kids got to hear the worst story time ever. Seriously, that guy could barely read. It's amazing that the kids were quiet and sat through it- I think they were too worn out from their playing to do much else though.

But it was a fun activity and I'm glad the preschool put this together. If it weren't for preschool, Brendan would probably be bored out of his mind. I'm worried about this summer- what am I going to do with this kid to keep him entertained?!


  1. val, i worry about the same thing for summer. we are definitely doing swimming lessons this year for this very reason (and the fact that she should learn to swim ha) :)

  2. I'm laughing because we went to a story time at Pottery Barn Kids around Christmas and they read the Grinch - it was the WORST story time I have ever experienced. The woman reading had terrible reading skills and was so lackluster. Not to mention the space was cramped and parents had no place to sit. Not doing that again!! Your snow activity looks fun though!