Monday, March 5, 2012

Since it's snowing outside right now...

I thought I would post about some warm weather we've had recently. We've had an unseasonably warm winter with no snow but I won't complain too much since I hate winter and I've been loving the warm days we've been having.

Alex loves it too. He wants to be outside all the time but our brick backyard isn't really the most child-friendly so we don't go out there as much as he wants.

Brendan and his buddy Josh had fun playing too. Too bad everybody got scared off by the giant bees that are back yet again this year. I HATE those bees.

Alex did not appreciate that his playtime was cut short.

The older boys distracted themselves with Lego's while Alex found a box of markers and proceeded to color on my walls and clothes.

Luckily, we did go back outside once the bees headed off to harass someone else's yard and everyone was happy again. It was even warm enough to give the boys popsicles! I'm so looking forward to this Spring and Summer!

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