Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alex's first hamburger

I don't make hamburgers very often (I hate touching raw ground beef) but this weekend I had a craving and we busted out the grill. Alex enjoyed them way more than I ever thought possible.

First, he played peekaboo with ketchup all over his hands. The boy got messy quick.

Then he used the ketchup as hair gel. He has a weird fascination with putting stuff in his hair so of course the ketchup naturally ended up there.

He did actually eat some of his hamburger, too. I was just glad some of it made it to his mouth.

And he loved it!

 Then out of no where, he decided to rub it all over his face.

 I guess it was just that good. He had ketchup everywhere, pieces of hamburger bun stuck in his eyelashes and he was so happy about it. He thought he was the funniest boy ever.

Oh how I wish this photo wasn't blurry but you get the idea. Needless to say, it was definitely bath time after dinner.

And I can't leave Brendan out of this. While he was no where near as messy as Alex, he was cracking up the whole time watching him, which made Alex even more enthusiastic about rubbing ketchup all over himself. I swear, half the crazy things Alex does is because Brendan thinks it's funny. Brothers are funny like that. And awesome.

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