Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's time to party!

Back in January, we had Brendan's birthday party (a few weeks after his actual birthday to give people a rest from the holidays).  We decided (mostly me) that it would be an Angry Birds party since that is Brendan's favorite game. Here's the invitation I made for him-

Brendan loved it and was thrilled to get to give them to his friends.

A friend told me that Sam's Club had an Angry Birds cake so I enlisted the help of another friend who had a membership so I could pick one up for Brendan. It was WAY cooler than I expected. Thanks again, April! The party wouldn't have been nearly as awesome without your help!!!

 And even more unexpected was how delicious it was. I think I ate half the cake myself.

 I am not kidding.

Brendan, of course, loved it and when it saw it he cried because we couldn't eat it right at that moment.

When the kids arrived, it was time to get the party started. We played several games to get things going-

 We first played Pin the Nose on the Pig, which was fun despite some kids trying to cheat- including my son. He was quite angry that he didn't win.

They all did a little too well and it was hard to choose a winner (the winners got Angry Birds fruit snacks that I found at a random store at the mall) because they all wanted a prize.

The second game was a the biggest hit of the party though. I made bean bags with the red, yellow, and black birds on them using iron-on transfer paper so they could toss them at the piggies, which were just giant cans with pictures of the different pigs. They were worth different point so whoever got the most points won a small Red Bird key chain. There were also some tears over that prize. Maybe I shouldn't have done prizes?

The last game (which I don't have pictures of) was Pass the Pig, which was basically just Hot Potato played with a plush pig toy. That one didn't hold their attention very well but hey, it was all I could think of. It was really hard to think of three Angry Birds themed games!

 After the games, we had cake (finally!) and the icing stained our fingers and the kids faces. Alex's poop was green for 2 days after because of it and it was a pain to clean up all that frosting that inevitably got all over the place but it was so good, it was totally worth it.

The present opening was a bit crazy (nine 4 and 5 year olds are really hard to control after cake!) but check out that awesome present Brendan just opened. A Fart Machine! I swear he has never laughed so hard and he had way too much fun "hiding" it by Chris to make it sound like he farted.

What a fun day- though we were all exhausted by the end! Brendan has such an awesome group of friends and I'm so grateful that we've gotten to know them and their families. I feel very blessed for where we're at right now. And I'm even more grateful that I have another year until I have to plan a party again! Phew!


  1. you are so very clever, love the games and that cake really is super cute! i laughed picturing brendan with that fart machine. maddy would have too much fun with that thing too. ha

  2. Wow, coolest birthday ever. I could really use some delicious angry bird cake :)