Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ask and ye shall receive

Alex seems to want everything of Brendan's these days and the "snake" boots are at the top of the list (don't call them frogs or else Brendan will get very angry). After lots of begging and crying, we finally gave in and put them on him.

He was so excited once he got his grubby feet in them. I love that something so simple was so important to him and made him so very happy.

He managed to waddle around for several minutes before falling over and it was probably the best few minutes of his week.

I love this guy.


  1. I love the "snake boot" victory, and I love your posts, Val. Don't be too discouraged to post. How will I know what is going on with your little family? And I love your photos so much. You show your children's beautiful features so well--the picture of Brendan playing with his legos is so sweet, and special. You're capturing moments in a way I just can't. What would I do without seeing all of that love, and without the stories? Love you! I want to play with you again!

  2. We miss you guys! The pictures made me cry.