Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cake and presents

Brendan had a pretty spectacular birthday yesterday. It included a trip to the Lego store, a movie with just Dad (Brendan loved that Mommy and Alex didn't get to go), a special birthday Happy Meal, and cake and presents of course.

Brendan was all over the birthday wish this year. His wish was that Mommy and Daddy would blow up babies. I have no idea what he's talking about but it made us laugh pretty hard.

Getting Brendan to wait all day to open his presents was especially hard and there were a few small tears involved but when the time finally came, he was all smiles.

The Lego Ninjagos were the first thing to be played with. His little world revolves around Legos.

I loved watching his determination to put together the little set and get everything just right. And the stories that he comes up with for his ninjas are pretty awesome too.

I'm so glad that number five was a good year for him. He's grown so much and made leaps and bounds with his speech that I just know that number six is going to be awesome too.

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