Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's play catch up

I am so behind on blogging and honestly, these days I don't feel like putting my life out there on the internet. It seems like the majority of my time is spent just trying to keep thing on track and in order around here, and that really isn't so much fun to blog about.

But Christmas is always fun to blog so here's what our's was like in a tiny nutshell since I didn't take many pictures at all.

We got a live tree again this year and the boys had so much fun helping decorate it while watching a holiday movie. Alex was a little too interested in the ornaments and broke four within the first hour taht the tree was up but he's just too cute to stay mad at. By the end though, the vast majority of ornaments were moved to the top half of the tree, so the bottom look a little funny being bare and empty.

Christmas day came and since it was on a Sunday this year, we let the boys open a present each before we had to head to church. That was tough for Brendan but I'm glad we did it that way so we could still focus on what the day is truly about- our Savior.

When we got home, Brendan wasted no time and went straight back to the presents.

This game was a big hit. When I saw it at the store, I knew it had to make it under the tree and thanks to Grammy and Grandpa, it did!

I think the presents from the grandparents were the biggest hits and still are the most played with. My boys are lucky to have such loving and generous grandparents! And they loved knowing that their grandparents sent things just for them- they felt extra special that they went to the effort.

Lego's and Star Wars were a big part of Christmas this year too. Brendan and Chris had a good time putting together a Lego Mini X-Wing Fighter Jet that Brendan dismantled in about 10 seconds after it was complete. Typical. :)

Star Wars figures are EVERYWHERE in our house now- I find them in some strange places. This morning, I opened up a drawer in the kitchen and there was Luke Skywalker hanging out with my spoons. But I love that Brendan is so into Star Wars.

So that was Christmas. We had a fun time baking, eating way too much, driving around to look at Christmas lights and enjoying time with Chris while he was off from work. That was probably the best Christmas gift for me. :)

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  1. Chris and Brendan crack me up. Brendan is like Chris' mini-me. One cool kid.