Saturday, January 7, 2012

Short but sweet

After Christmas, my parents came out for a short visit. I wish I had taken more pictures of their time here but I was too busy enjoying being with them. I do wish I had a picture of Brendan's face though when he opened the door and saw Grammy and Grandpa- we didn't tell him they were coming so it would be a surprise and he was overjoyed to see them. So cute.

When they had to go home, there were lots of tears on Brendan's and Grammy's parts. Those two get along so well.

Goober didn't know what was going on but he enjoyed the extra hugs and kisses.

Poor Brendan was so sad. He really didn't want them to leave. He had such a fun few days with them that he never wanted it to end.

Brendan had to say goodbye several times and there was a little bit of crying after they drove away but he cheered up when he got to play with his Lego's that they got him as an early birthday gift. New toys- they make everything right in the world.

Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad, and come back SOON!

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