Friday, February 15, 2008

Lots of Friends for Brendan

We usually put one of Brendan's bears in his crib while we get him settled down for the night, but tonight, Chris thought it would be fun to put ALL of his bears in. Brendan didn't seem to mind all the friends and enjoyed snuggling up to them while finishing off his bottle. Thanks go to Grandma and Grandpa L for an addition to his collection! Brendan loved his V-day gift!

Also a big thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Near. Just in case all of Brendan's bear friends leave him, he can now buy all the friends he wants- since he's rich. Brendan doesn't know what to spend his money on but he loves to hold it- who doesn't love the feel of a crisp bill in their hand?! One thing is for sure, he'll be paying his tithing for the first time! He's very excited. Thanks to everyone for thinking of our little guy- he has the best grandparents!

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  1. Holy cow, I found you Val! (Hope you don't mind being found). :) It's me, Jenn (formerly Fisk) now Savage from good old freshman year. I found your blog via Teagan's blog, and I was sooo excited. Your little boy is adorable and you look great these days (it honestly does not look like you even had a baby--good job on that)lol. Anyway, I am now adding your blog to my list of blogs that I stalk. I hope that's okay. Feel free to check my blog if you want/are bored :) and tell me what you've been up to!