Sunday, February 10, 2008

A lot of pictures to share...

I think I may have the most adorable little boy in the world- as well as the funniest and smartest. We've had such a fun week, let me share some of our good times.

Brendan has started to say "woof-woof" which sounds more like "oof-oof" but it is still the most fulfilling thing. It all started from us reading "Walter the Farting Dog" (which I highly recommend) and I always point to the picture of Walter and woof. He's caught on to it and now he says it all the time. It's one of my many favorite things about Brendan.

He's also really great at climbing into things and sitting in them. I often find him in our laundry area sitting in one of the baskets with a toy in hand, happily playing. Or it's his little basket that we store all of his toys in. He loves to dump them all out just so he can sit in it. He's so wonderfully happy to play for a few moments on his own- it's awesome. As much as I love playing with him too, I actually feel like a normal mom who can get the dishes done and cook dinner and do the laundry now. He's happy and I'm happy. Perfect.

Brendan usually doesn't like things on his head but just recently he's decided that he likes to put on hats. If I put it on him, he pulls it off immediately but then proceeds to try to put it back on himself. He usually misses his head but every now and then he gets it.

I think this picture perfectly captures the craziness that is Brendan. He's a nut and he barely stands still long enough for us to take picutres. This hat is actually for 6-12 months but he has an incredibly small head for his age so it's now starting to fit him. And by incredibly small, I mean he's in the 3 percentile for head size.

Brendan and I were so happy about his hat fitting that we decided to do a little dance. I wish this were a video but unfortunately we can't catch the dancing on video yet. Hopefully soon since it is most definitely towards the top of my list of my favorite things. What a happy boy.

He has also learned another new trick. He likes to blow on his food before he takes a bite. It took me a few times to figure out what he was doing; I didn't even realize that I blew on his food that much. He's a very safe little boy.

And I even had time to sew a little bit too. I made some cute pj's for Spencer and Leila, and a cute little pillow for baby Marisa. It was very satisfying to finish these projects- the last time I made pj's, it was an absolute disaster. This time around I'm proud to show off my work!

And last but not least, a final picture of my sweet, happy boy. The bump on the forehead is from tripping on the sidewalk but he was so happy that the weather was nice enough to be outside, he didn't cry for long. Phew!


  1. i really like the video of brendan blowing on his food. we went for a walk today because it was so nice and stopped by your place but no answer. we gotta get together soon for some wii action!

  2. I won't start an argument about the funniest and smartest boy in the world, but if I were forced to make a quick decision, I would say Chris is the most adorable.

  3. Well, Val you talk about wanting a cat, but Brendan seems to be doing the job by plopping in baskets! It looks like he takes after his Uncle Sammy :) Also, the Transformer onesie is totally awesome! I can't believe you find time to sew such cute things - you are mucho talented.